ATBM – Total Body Mapping Machine

Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australians.

Melanoma and skin cancer accounts for a profound level of morbidity and mortality in our community.  Unfortunately, as Queenslanders, we have amongst the highest risk in the world for skin cancer and melanoma.

That’s why a regular skin cancer check is so important.

Our ATBM (Automated Total Body Mapping) is recommended for ALL skin checks for patients aged 18 years – 64 years. You will complete these images prior to seeing the GP.

We do stop at the age of 65 as the skin then starts to change more rapidly, these patient benefit more from your standard skin check with the GP.

How does the ATBM work?

ATBM combines total body photography, video dermoscopy and AI technology. It supports you to detect skin changes as early as possible.

It delivers exceptional results, streamlined workflows and advanced AI capabilities, allowing to combine Total Body Dermoscopy, psoriasis documentation and aesthetic imaging all in one system.

What do I need to do before having an ATBM?

Wear Light, easy to remove clothing and shoes as you will need to get undress and dress twice.

  • No lace or patterns on bra and briefs
  • No fake tan or makeup
  • Hair tied up
  • No jewelry or watches.

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to seeing the GP for our friendly team to complete the imaging, this will only take 5-10 minutes. It will be a series of 8 photographs in a number of different poses this will then create a mole map for your GP to use in the consultation that follows.

Please note this is just like having your photo taken therefore it is 100% safe!


1st ATBM: Complimentary

Follow up ATBM:

Private: $95.00

Health Care Card or Pension Card Holder: $65.00

Please note this amount isn’t Medicare rebatable.