Appointments and Consultations

At JJFP we have standard 15 minute appointment times for either face to face or telehealth consultations.
Many practices set aside 10 minutes for a consultation.  We do not believe that is enough time for a comprehensive assessment.

We cannot predict what your needs or the needs of the patient(s) before you are.  As such sometimes we might run behind the appointment times.  We try hard to stay on time, but sometimes you deserve a little extra time to sort out more complex problems or needs.

On arrival, always present to reception to inform them of your arrival, otherwise we simply do not know that you are here (even if you are a regular)!

Longer Consultations

If you have a list of problems, or think your problem may be complex or time consuming, please ask for a longer consultation.  We are always happy to spend the time, but if you have multiple issues and have not made extra time, we may need to address your most urgent needs and deal with the less important at a later time.

If you are unsure, speak with our reception staff or one of our nurses.

Skin Cancer Clinic

We have a dedicated Skin Cancer Clinic.  Appointments for this clinic are 20 minutes standard.

We do have Skin Clinics on Saturday mornings so sometimes you might see patients being seen before you if you present for an urgent problem.  Another Doctor is seeing urgent problems on Saturday mornings so please don’t be concerned or cross.

Urgent / Walk In Appointments

You don’t know when you are going to get sick or need medical advice.  Consequently, sometimes we need to try to fit you in somewhere when there are no appointments free with the Doctor of your preference.  Clearly this is difficult and sometimes we may have to offer the Doctor who is running most on time, has a cancellation, or simply has a free appointment available as a walk-in appointment.
We will always try to get you to see your usual Doctor (or the Doctor of your choice) if at all possible.
Our Nurses will always TRIAGE (assess the urgency of) any urgent requests.  Sick children will always been seen (or directed to attend hospital if more appropriate).
Emergency patients will always been seen first.
Those with ‘booked’ appointments will be seen as priority after emergencies.
Finally those requesting fit-in appointments for non-urgent problems will be seen last.

Waiting waiting waiting ….

None of us like waiting.  We are all busy.

Sometimes you see patients arrive after you and ‘go in before you’.  Generally these patients are seeing another doctor, are booked in with our nurse, or perhaps are booked into the skin clinic,  an excision, or even one of Allied Health Providers.
If you arrive early for your appointment, we will do our best to see you earlier, but please remember, we cannot see you ahead of those with a specific booking time if they arrive on time.

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings we have only one Doctor seeing urgent cases.  As such, we do not make appointments in advance except or dressings or urgent reviews.

If you require an appointment on Saturday mornings, please call reception or speak with our Nursing staff.

On Saturday mornings we often hold a simultaneous clinic for the Skin Cancer Clinic and other Allied Health Clinics such as our Dietician.  Please be conscious of this if people who seem to be waiting for shorter times are seen before you.

We would like to think this cannot happen, but we are all human.