Investigations Results

Clearly, we will endeavour to contact you if you have a significant abnormal result.
We ALWAYS encourage our parents to telephone for their results.  Sometimes we may have a wrong address or phone number, so please actively check your investigation results with our Nurses.

We understand you don’t always need another consultation to gain your results.

Our Nurses are able to provide your results by telephone provided we can be confident with your identity.  Confidentiality and privacy laws prevent us giving results to another person unless consent has been given prior.  Parents, please understand this may include giving results to parents of ‘minors’ as laws protect their confidentiality in many situations.

Please remember, it is not the responsibility of the Nurse to interpret your results.  Interpretation and advice on abnormal results would usually require a follow-up consultation.

Our Nurses are busy.  To assist them we do prefer you call between 1:00PM – 3:00PM to gain your results.  We understand this may not always be possible and will try to help at other times.